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We have established 32 large and medium-sized test facilities for ship and ocean engineering, with world-leading test capabilities.

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Powering Performance Test

1. Test items: 
• Resistance test (all kinds of conventional ship types and new concept ship types, including high-speed planing boats, hovercrafts, hydrofoil boats, hydroplanes, WIG ships, underwater models, etc.); 
• Open water test (conventional propellers, ducted propellers, rudder propellers, pod propellers and other combined propellers);
• Streamline test (thread method, paint method), three-dimensional wake field test, measurement of hull resistance and wave profile, etc.;
• Wave test: wave test and external load test in head-sea state;
• Basic hydrodynamic experimental study on marine engineering ships/platform current load, underwater towed bodies and underwater vehicles;
• Calibration of precision velocimeters, etc.;
2. Test facility: Deep-water towing tank
3. Introduction Built and put into use in 1965, the deep-water towing tank is used for theoretical research and experimental test of hydrodynamic characteristics of various underwater moving bodies such as ships. And the work of flow field analysis, ship performance prediction, optimization of underwater moving body profile and so on are extensively carried out here.
4. Main test equipment: Carriage, resistance dynamometer, open water dynamometer, self-propelled dynamometer, 4-DOF measurement system, wake test system, underwater camera system, the computer control system of carriage and propeller speed, and data acquisition and analysis processing system.

5. Contact:
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