We are mainly engaged in the applied basic research of hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, ship vibration & noise reduction and development of deepsea vehilces and high performance ships.

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Information Technology

Research Directions

• Integration technology of integrated design system
• Simulation integration customization system
• Integration technology of virtual test system
• Data acquisition comprehensive control system
• Integration technology of test data management system
• Integration technology of product verification, delivery, management and control system

Business Scope

Customized development of integrated design system
We provide a visual, flexible and extensible business process integration environment, as well as general components such as design, simulation, optimization and data visualization, helping enterprises realize tool integration, process standardization, data standardization and business systematization. 
Customized development of simulation integration customization system
The simulation integration customization system is an integration customization platform covering the whole process of CAE calculation input preparation, solution calculation and calculation result display. It is mainly suitable for the integration of self-developed calculation software, and can specifically complete the process integration customization of various complex analysis and calculation tasks. The ORIENTCAE integration customization platform is mainly used for packaging integration of self-developed programs and engineering algorithms. Based on professional data pre- and post-processing core modules, it provides functions including rapid simulation modeling, automatic load loading, deep coupling of solvers and process automation.
Virtual test system integration
For product test and verification, virtual test system integration analyzes product performance in a virtual test environment constructed with a digital model that replaces the physical prototype. It helps enterprises to combine advanced simulation technology with their own business, solves the problems of test process standardization and result reliability, and helps users to establish their own professional and highly reliable virtual test system to assist or partially replace the digital platform in traditional physical tests.
Integration of data acquisition comprehensive control system
We provide customized products for laboratory data acquisition software for testing, measurement and control. The products enable easy data collection, data storage and data use and feature strong extension ability, flexibility and openness.
Integration of test data management system
The test data management system is a test comprehensive business platform that has independent intellectual property rights and is centered on test data management. It embodies our years of engineering experience and engineering wisdom, and also features advanced software technology. Based on J2EE architecture, the system is developed as per CMM5 Specification, the highest standard of software development and service. It allows unified management of the whole test process and process data, and realizes the same source and sharing of test data among departments such as test, design, simulation and management. It is a "knowledge factory" that sorts out and processes test data into information and finally converts it into knowledge.
Integration of product verification, delivery, management and control system
It is a digitally integrated software product to realize progress controllability, process traceability and test data availability of product verification and delivery. It solves the problems in complex product verification and delivery process, including delicacy management of work planning, data acquisition, schedule control, and data mining.