We are mainly engaged in the applied basic research of hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, ship vibration & noise reduction and development of deepsea vehilces and high performance ships.

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Ship Hydrodynamics

Research Directions

• Powering performance of ships and underwater vehicles
• Detailed experiment on flow field and fluctuating pressure
• Hydrodynamic experiment on maneuverability of ships
• Experiment on maneuverability of self-propelled ship model
• Seakeeping and wave loads of ship
• Comprehensive navigation performance of ships
• Design technology of ship hullform optimization
• Hydrodynamic performance and dynamic positioning technology of marine structures
• New energy utilization technology
• CFD application and development 

Research Results

Pod propulsion technology
We successfully developed of two sets of pod dynamometers for the first time in China, and carried out corresponding experiments and research. It was successfully applied to a number of ship model test services, including the test for an offshore engineering ship. At present, we have fully developed the research and development capabilities of each subsystem of pod dynamometers, and has nearly ten sets of pod dynamometers, which can be used for hydrodynamic performance test and forecast technical services of various full-rotary propellers such as compact rudder propeller, pull/push/counter-rotating pod propeller, etc.

Dynamic positioning technology
Since the 1980s, CSSRC has initiated the research on dynamic positioning and now mastered dynamic positioning technology. The application of artificial neural network technology in ship dynamic positioning won the second prize of scientific and technological progress of China State Shipbuilding Corporation. In recent years, our research work focus on dynamic positioning capability evaluation and prediction, control algorithm, thrust optimization distribution method, dynamic positioning numerical simulation technology, as well as the research and development of dynamic positioning system engineering prototype. We also provide dynamic positioning technology consulting, etc.
Detailed flow field measurement technology
We have established the microscopic measurement technology and analysis method of space flow field based on HWA and LDA, and formed the quantitative test ability of vorticity field around ship model, wake field on propeller disk and integral length of space-time turbulence. Combined with the development and application of large-area high-precision rapid pressure scanning, MEMS surface stress fine testing and other technologies, the joint testing and analysis method for the comprehensive system of ship complex flow research is bulit, which provides test data and technical support for ship hullform optimization, rapidity, quiet design and CFD verification.

Maneuverability in waves
We have established a complete set of wave maneuverability test and heading stability model test techniques, and studied the influence of different sea states or wave conditions on maneuverability or heading stability. Based on the research results of model test, the theoretical prediction method of ship maneuverability in stormy waves is further improved.

Technical Service

• Powering test and ship hullform optimization
• Flow field and hydrodynamic characteristics test
• Maneuverability test and evaluation
• Ship maneuverability test of self-propelled model
• Ship seakeeping test and evaluation
• Offshore engineering model test
• High-precision ship model and mould processing service