We are mainly engaged in the applied basic research of hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, ship vibration & noise reduction and development of deepsea vehilces and high performance ships.

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Explosion & Shock-resistance

Research Directions

Research on explosive and impact load
• Output Structure and Load Characteristics of Explosive Energy in Water
• Propagation characteristics of explosive load in different media
• Characteristic detection and damage power evaluation of explosives
• Technology for explosive material design and application
Research on explosion and impact damage mechanism as well as protection application
• Material impact constitutive relation and structural failure criterion
• Technology for transient fluid-solid interaction analysis
• Damage effect and efficient damage mechanism of water explosion on targets
• Vulnerability Assessment of Ships
• Explosion Damage Effect and Protection Technology of Ship Structure in Water/Air/Cabin
• Forecasting technique of ship structure and equipment impact environment
• Technology for dynamic response prediction and protection for ship equipment and personnel
• Performance and application technology of explosion and shock protection devices and components
• Calculation method, design criterion, database and standard specification of explosion and impact resistance
• Load control and damage mechanism of ship collision
• Burning and Explosion Technology of Marine Equipment
Research on explosion & shock test technology
• Full Scale Ship and ship model explosion test technology
• Explosion & shock measurement and analysis technology
• Design and application of explosion and shock trial equipment
• Development of new impact test and assessment facilities and measuring systems
• Design and application technology for explosion & shock measurement sensor

Research Results

Theoretical research
Through years of in-depth research, abundant scientific research achievements have been obtained in terms of ship structural strength analysis and evaluation under air/water nuclear explosion conditions, ship structural strength analysis and evaluation under underwater and in-cabin explosion conditions, impact environment prediction for underwater explosion ship equipment, impact resistance design and evaluation of ship equipment system, and impact resistance prediction and evaluation of personnel and protective devices, and have been widely applied. In recent years,  We are also turning to the research in civil fields such as transportation/water conservancy projects, and mine/marine equipment.
Test technology
CSSRC always pays attention to the research and application of explosion test technology, and has two large explosion testing basins, floating impact platform, pressure tank for deep-water explosion test, door and window explosion test device, various impact machines, and other explosion test equipment, and has the ability to simulate underwater/air/in-cabin explosion and impact loads. CSSRC has successively undertaken explosion tests on hundreds of scale model, shock resistance assessment tests on more than 500 sets of ship equipment, dynamic performance tests on a large number of vibration isolation and shock resistance components, and other tests, detection and evaluation of abundant  products and models. At present, CSSRC has formed a database of underwater weapon and charge power, scale model and ship explosion tests, equipment shock resistance and damping component characteristics, which can be applied to the optimal design and analysis of weapon effect and ship explosion resistance.
Test Technology
CSSRC has nearly 500 dynamic parameter measuring instruments such as channel acceleration, velocity, displacement, strain, force, pressure and impact environment measuring instruments. CSSRC has the capability of developing underwater explosion pressure measurement and impact environment measurement system, and is the national third-class measuring organization of acceleration sensor measurement.

Technical Service

Computational analysis and evaluation
• Prediction and evaluation of explosion, shock and collision resistance of ships and offshore structures
• Analysis of impact and seismic effect of explosion construction of islands and reefs and water conservancy projects on surroundings
• Analysis of explosion and shock resistance of ship, mine mechanical equipment and system
• shock dynamic response analysis and safety evaluation of personnel impact protection devices
Test measurement and evaluation
• Test and detection of explosive power of underwater weapon and charge
• Test and detection of dynamic strength of metal and composite materials
• Test and detection of explosion and shock resistance of ships and offshore structures
• Test and assessment of explosion and shock resistance of ship and mine mechanical equipment
• Simulation test of shock resistance of human, animal and animal viable tissues
• Test and detection of impact resistance of ship and aircraft data protection containers
• Test and detection of dynamic performance of damping and vibration isolation components and devices
• Various non-standard shock tests and assessments
Product design and development
• Design and development of explosion-proof structures for ships and marine structures
• Design and development of road and bridge anti-collision structures
• Design and development of explosion-proof equipment
• Design and development of damping and vibration isolation components, and protection devices
• Design and development of pressure tank for deep-water explosion test
• Design and development of explosion tube/tank for in-cabin explosion test
• Design and development of various impact testing machine
• Development and integration of explosion test system
• Design and development of small anti-terrorism explosive materials