We have established academic exchange and technical cooperation with nearly 100 colleges, institutes and academic groups around the world.

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Academic Exchange

ITTC and ISSC membership
Following China's pace of reform and opening-up, CSSRC quickly stepped onto the international ship scientific research stage, and became a member unit of ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference) and ISSC (International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress) in 1978 and 1979, respectively. Over the years, many of our experts have served as members of ITTC Advisory Committee, Executive Committee and relevant specialized committees, such as Gu Maoxiang, Dong Shitang, Weng Zhenping, Zhou Liandi, Shen Hongcui, He Moqin, Xie Nan, Tang Denghai, Yan Kai, Zhu Dexiang and Zhou Weixin. Some other experts have served as members of ISSC Executive Committee and relevant specialized committees, including Xu Binghan, Wu Yousheng, Cui Weicheng, Wan Zhengquan, Du Shuangxing and Gu Xuekang. In recent years, CSSRC has continuously enlarged its influence in the international shipbuilding academic community.

International conference exchange
We encourage researchers to participate in international academic exchanges. Every year, a number of our researchers attend international conferences about hydrodynamics, cavitation, structure, vibration and noise, among others. This gives us access to latest research achievements of related disciplines in time, allowing us to understand the new R&D trends in the world and exchange ideas with other scholars, which is conducive to domestic research. Meanwhile, we can also get important information and enlightenment through communication and discussion.
Organization of International Conferences
CSSRC has successfully organized many large and medium-sized international academic conferences, including:
• 1986: International Symposium on Propeller and Cavitation ("86ISPC)
• 1989: International Symposium on Cavitation ("89ISC)
• 1991: The 11th International Conference on Ship and Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC)
• 1992: International Symposium on Propeller and Cavitation ("92ISPC)
• 1994: International Conference on Hydrodynamics (94"ICHD)
• 1999: The 22nd International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC)
• 2001: PRADS2001 International Symposium cum the 50th Anniversary of CSSRC
• 2007: The 9th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation (FAST2007)
• 2009: The 6th International Symposium on Underwater Technology (UT2009)

Holding international conferences in China enables more domestic researchers to release papers, participate in discussions and communicate with foreign scholars. At the same time, this effectively enhances the popularity of CSSRC in the international academic community and provides us with more opportunities for participation in high-level international cooperation.