We are mainly engaged in the applied basic research of hydrodynamics, structural mechanics, ship vibration & noise reduction and development of deepsea vehilces and high performance ships.

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Underwater Engineering

Research Directions

• Overall and integration technology of underwater vehicles
• Submarine rescue equipment and technology
• Underwater security and detection technology
• Virtual simulation technology of underwater vehicles
• Deep sea integrated propulsion technology
• Deep sea hydraulic and operation technology
• Underwater target identification and guidance technology
• Power and control technology of underwater vehicles
• Training of deep sea human occupied vehicle pilots
• Design and sealing technology of deep sea pressure vessel
• Unified fatigue life method of marine structures
• Micro optical cable technology for underwater vehicles

Research Results

Fendouzhe human occupied vehicle (HOV)
On November 10, 2020, the "Fendouzhe" manned submersible, led developed by CSSRC, successfully bottomed in the Mariana Trench, with a bottom depth of 10909m, setting a new record for China's manned deep diving.
On November 28, 2020, “Fendouzhe” completed the 10,000-meter sea trial and returned successfully. The success of the development of“Fendouzhe” and its sea trials indicate that China has the ability to enter the deepest part of the world's oceans to carry out scientific explorations and research.
Jiaolong human occupied vehicle (HOV)
It is capable of bringing scientists, engineers, instruments and equipment to the deep sea for ocean resource exploration and other operations, with a designed diving depth of 7,000m. In 2012, it set a deep-diving record for similar underwater vehicles in the world when it descended 7,062m into the ocean.
Remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV)
It is a ROV product featuring serialization, modularization and commercialization with working depths up to 200m, 2,000m, 4,000m, 6,000m and 11,000m. There are different modules available for polar exploration, marine scientific research, multi-ROV cooperative operation, deep sea data collection, marine oil and gas resources exploration, pipeline and platform inspection, military and safety patrol, investigation and search tasks, among others.
Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
Unmanned AUV products can meet the current needs in the fields of environmental monitoring and protection, navigation channel and ship safety and marine scientific investigation.
Atmospheric diving suit (ADS)
The system consists of the shell, neutral cable, relay station, armored cable, hoisting rack, winch and control room. The ADS can be used to dives of up to 300m for 59 hours. Equipped with thrusters, it can be operated in the shell or remotely controlled in the surface control room. It resists currents of 0.5 knots and has a working radius of 50m. Two mechanical holders are provided, enabling the occupant to complete simple underwater operations such as tightening/unscrewing nuts, opening valves and installing springs.
Submarine rescue bell
The submarine rescue equipment is a human occupied vehicle for rescuing disabled submarines. It is suitable for rescues from depths up to 300m and can save 10 persons each dive.
Pressure vessel design and technical evaluation
We provide design, processing and inspection services and corresponding consulting services of pressures vessels based on customer demands.
Training of underwater engineering operators
Whiling providing underwater vehicles, we provide training of underwater vehicle operators and pilots. In addition, we also provide training services for owners of underwater vehicles or individuals interested in underwater operation.
Underwater exploration operation
We develops special tools and provide relevant services for underwater installation, detection and salvage according to different operation requirements and carrier interfaces.
Integrated thruster
Driven by underwater motor or hydraulic drive and used with an efficient propeller, the device is considered an ideal underwater propulsion solution for customers.
Underwater hydraulic source
Our underwater hydraulic products include deep sea hydraulic source device, control valve box and pressure compensator. The hydraulic source device has a horsepower ranging from 10 to 200 kW and requires DC or AC power supply. The deep sea hydraulic control valve box can be used to control various deep sea hydraulic actuators. It is seawater corrosion resistant and has a maximum working depth of 7,000m. Both switch control and servo proportional control are available for selection, and the control mode can also be customized according to customer demands. The pressure compensator is mainly used for pressure compensation of various deep sea non-pressure equipment. It exhibits excellent seawater corrosion resistance and supports real-time monitoring of parameters such as temperature, oil level and pressure, meeting the requirements of different customers. 
Underwater LED lamp
We provide complete underwater observation solutions of underwater vehicles. Our products include a variety of lighting equipment meeting the demands of low beam and high beam lighting and special environments, such as LED lamps, stroboscope lamps and flashing lights, as well as general systems for video processing, storage and management.