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We have established 32 large and medium-sized test facilities for ship and ocean engineering, with world-leading test capabilities.

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Maneuverability Test

1. Test items:
• Hydrodynamic performance test of ship steering motion; 
• Ship maneuverability test in shallow waters and restricted channels;
• Theoretical prediction and evaluation of ship maneuverability hydrodynamic force and maneuvering capability;
• Theoretical prediction of rudder force and rudder shaft torque;
• Rudder force/rudder hinge torque test;
• Design of rudder and control surface;
• Self-propelled model test of maneuverability of surface ships and underwater vehicles;
• Ship heading stability test in storms;
• Ship docking test under wind, wave and current conditions;
• Model test of surface ship maneuverability manual;
• Test of rudder force and rudder shaft torque.
2. Test facility: Maneuvering rotating-arm basin
Introduction: Put into operation in 1968, the laboratory is the only large test facility in China capable of performing the test of model hydrodynamic force at a stable angular velocity. It is used for the research and test of maneuverability, one of the main properties of ships, especially for maneuverability theory research and test of ships and underwater vehicles, as well as maneuverability performance prediction for various types of underwater moving bodies.
Main test equipment: Tank, rotating arm, fully automatic turntable mechanism, fully automatic trailer, multi-component force sensor, and data acquisition and processing automation system.

3. Test facility: Open self-propelled model pool
Introduction: Built and put into use in 1980, the pool is used for research on maneuverability and navigation safety of surface ships and underwater vehicles.
Main test equipment: 3DOF piezoelectric angular rate gyro; small high-precision piezoelectric pressure sensor; telemetry system; hodoscope; steering engine; automatic depth-control gear; course-holding device; data acquisition and analysis system.

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