Test Facilities

We have established 32 large and medium-sized test facilities for ship and ocean engineering, with world-leading test capabilities.

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Model Test of Seakeeping/Wave Load

1. Test items:
• Ship motion response and seakeeping event test;
• Wave resistance test of ships;
• Wave load test;
• Wave slamming load test;
• Test on green waves and impact load of green waves;
• Theoretical prediction and evaluation of ship seakeeping performance;
• Test of the motion performance of marine structures (including platform motion, waves, slamming, air gap, climbing, etc.);
• Motion and stress characteristics test of multi-platform operating system;
• Mooring model test of floating structures in marine environment;
• Dynamic positioning model test;
• Tank sloshing model test;
• VIV model test of vortex-induced vibration and VIM model test of vortex-induced motion;
• Tests of floating bodies/caissons/port buildings/breakwaters and wave energy utilization devices;
2. Test facility: Seakeeping basin laboratory
3. Introduction: Built and put into use in 1970, the seakeeping basin is used for theoretical research, experimental test and optimization of motion performance of ships and ocean engineering equipment in waves.
4. Main test equipment: 6-DOF non-contact motion measurement system, wave probe, gyroscope, acceleration sensor, pressure sensor, etc.

5. Contact:
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