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We have established 32 large and medium-sized test facilities for ship and ocean engineering, with world-leading test capabilities.

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Flow Field & Hydrodynamic Performance Test

1. Test items:
• Test and analysis of 3D flow field characteristics of various ships, submersibles, offshore platforms, aircraft, buildings, bridges, antennas and other tall/special structures;
• Surface flow pattern/spatial flow display test;
• Surface pressure/dynamic pressure / shear stress test;
• Hydrodynamic/aerodynamic force test;
• Rudder force/rudder hinge torque test;
• Wind/flow load and wind/flow induced vibration test;
• Wind tunnel test of various pipeline flow meters, throttling devices, anemometer, etc.
2. Test facility: Marine low-speed wind tunnel laboratory
3. Introduction: Put into use in 1970, the marine low-speed wind tunnel project is used for research and test on hydrodynamic/aerodynamic characteristics of various underwater structures, submersibles, ships, water vehicles, etc. At the same time, research and test on wind/flow load and wind/flow-induced vibration of ocean engineering, buildings, bridges and other large structures are extensively carried out.
4. Main test equipment: Turntable and mirror support system, tower-type six-component mechanical balance, pressure and strain measurement system, hot-wire anemometer speed measurement system, electronic scanning pressure test system, etc.

5. Contact:
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