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New Record Made by Jiaolong Manned Submersible

posted on:2012-04-09   page views:731

Jiaolong Manned Deep-sea Submersible made a fresh record of 5057m in its diving test at the northeast Pacific Ocean on July 26, 2011, making China the fifth country after USA, France, Russia and Japan to possess the technology of making a manned dive to a sea depth of 5000 meters.


Jiaolong Manned Deep-sea Submersible, a project approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, was designed and fabricated by ChinaShipScientificResearchCenter in cooperation with Shenyang Automation Research Institute, Beijing Acoustic Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), ChinaShipDevelopment & DesignCenter and several other organizations in China. The project is mainly intended for physical, chemical and biological research as well as exploitation of deep sea resources.


With a weight of 25 tons and a length of 8.2m, Jialong Manned Submersible is designed to reach a sea depth of 7000m.