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“Haitan 1 Hao” will undertake the operation of the sea island tour route in Pingtan, Fujian

posted on:2022-03-26   page views:279
Recently, the 290-seat “Haitan 1 Hao” coastal passenger ship constructed by Wuxi Dongfang High Speed Craft Co.,Ltd, a subsidiary of China Scientific Research Center, has passed the inspection and acceptance along with the CCS classification certificate, and has successfully completed the delivery.

“Haitan 1 Hao” is responsible for the operation of the sea cruise route of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Fujian Province, and the construction of Pintan’s “one island, two windows and three zones” International Tourism Island will have her beautiful appearance.

The total length is 43.5m, the width is 12m, and the depth is 3.8m. The overall shape is simple and flexible. There are three cabins in the whole ship, which are interactive experience layer, leisure and entertainment layer and open viewing layer.

It adopts the design of catamaran type, low wind resistance superstructure and configuration of anti-rolling fins etc. It is capable of resisting grade 8 wind, and can well adapt to the characteristics of strong wind, high waves, deep water and rapid currents in Pingtan sea area.