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“China Huanjian Su 001”was successfully launched

posted on:2022-05-10   page views:407
On May 6, “China Huanjian Su 001” eco-environmental monitoring and law enforcement vessel, the major construction project of Jiangsu Environmental Monitoring Center led by China Scientific Research Center was held a launching ceremony at Wuhu Shipyard.

“China Huanjian Su 001” is the first comprehensive government ship in China that adopts diesel-electric hybrid power and integrates the functions of monitoring, testing, scientific research and law enforcement. It is also the first marine eco-environmental monitoring law enforcement vessel in Jiangsu, filling the blank of major marine equipment in the field of ecological and environmental protection in Jiangsu. The vessel is 49.3 meters in length, 9.4 meters in width and 5.2 meters in depth, with an average design draft of 3 meters and a design speed of 12 knots.

The R&D team of China Scientific Research Center has deeply understood the functional positioning and mission of the vessel, and has optimized the design of the vessel in aspect of the overall performance, comfort, environmental protection and intelligence and etc.

After completion, “China Huanjian Su 001” will be a specialized marine eco-environmental monitoring and law enforcement vessel with the capabilities of routine monitoring, on-site monitoring, emergency monitoring and analysis of sudden pollution accidents. It will protect the blue sea in Jiangsu and promote the construction of marine ecological civilization.